Disclaimers, Non Sequiturs and Bullshit.

Tl;Dr     Don’t believe everything you read.

I’m just going to lay it out up front.  I am a liar.  This blog is and will continue to be one brazen lie after another.

It is, of course, in no way unique in this regard.  To communicate is to lie, be it strangers hunched over digital displays, lovers vowing their forever vows, or with one’s own self. Lies.

Please, allow me to explain via a demonstration: “I am writing a blog post.” Seems pretty legit. Except that I’m actually typing; and it’s already in the wrong tense; and that statement was only part of a draft of what may become a blog post if I don’t suffer a brain aneurysm before I can hit the publish “button”(its not even a button…more lies). What am I getting at dear reader?  Only a thought I feel I should get out right up front.  I’m going to lie to you and to myself endlessly in the writing of this blog. Sometimes these lies will be villainously deliberate, other times I’ll never suspect my own crime.

If, at this point, you feel as though you’ve been robbed of precious time and neurons, don’t bother with anything else on this blog.  Seriously, it’s not like to get much better.  Sure you’ll miss out on all sorts of fun fibs; musings, stories, comics, accounts of really good bowel movements, but the overall style will be no less fraught with existential banality in any other post you’ll find here.

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I do not accept the terms in the License Agreement [Loiter in Traffic Blindfolded]

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